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Dakara, Zutto Anytime I’m yours..............

YOU. i l♥ve you. how can i not?

Angela la la

about me.

true: love nino
false: hate sho
maybe: in love
secret: ohmiya
love: thoughtful
hate: ungrateful
one: Nino
two: Sho

I like Ninomiya Kazunari the most. But lately... I am abusing my infidelity by liking Sho too much. I can't help it.
I work for my country as i would like to think it is. I am the same age as arashi but you need to go figure who those two are.
I am a highly reactive element so I tend to be too happy or affected at times. (or most of the time?)

Tell me when you add me, that's all.
I'd like to believe I am nice enough to be friends with human beings.
But didn't I just that I am a highly reactive ELEMENT?